A calling to work with dogs, Matthew has always known they'd play a big part of his life. As a teenager, others were saving for cars, while he worked all summer and saved for a dog. That dog is Titan, a 70lb, zen, Labrador Retriever.
Matthew began training Titan, which opened his mind to the possibilities training could lead to.
In his early twenties, after getting a certificate from George Brown College in K9 Handling and Law Enforcement, he realized he aspired to work with the dogs far more than any motivation he had for law enforcement. He decided to commit more to the training route.
Volunteering at the local animal shelter walking the dogs, working at pet stores and doggy day cares, he really craved gaining new knowledge, working with new dogs and inevitable behavioural training challenges.
While studying in Animal Behavior College, Matthew moved from Toronto, ON, Canada to San Diego, California with trusty sidekick Titan. The two of them road-tripped down, making the 4 day, 44 hour drive southwest. 

While in San Diego, Matthew did his internship portion of his studies, learning under Sarah Surrit, owner of Get Pawsitive dog training. After finishing the program, Matthew and Titan made the drive home to the GTA. Equipped with tons of experience, knowledge and education, Matthew started training independently as an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer-ABCDT .
A year later and Pet To Pal dog training is born!

About the trainer:

Pet To Pal Dog Training Obedience Training

K9 Handling & Law Enforcement

 Matthew Maltese: Qualified Professionally Certified Trainer
ABCDT, K9 Handling

Animal Behavior College, ABCDT


Pet To Pal dog training is dog training focused on developing and maximizing our furry friend's potential by using motivators that are innate in the species to give them structure and teach them correct decision making.
We teach calmness as a way of earning the things in their environment they may want. By building a base of fundamentals, obedience & manners, we can create a teaching technique that is easy for the whole family to participate in while also being fun for the dog to learn!
With Pet To Pal dog training, you're one step closer to getting the best out of your pet!
Puppy training / Adult dog / Aggressive dog / Fearful dog
Whatever the case, inquire and see what we can do for you today!
Obedience training in Maple , Woodbridge , Aurora  ,Brampton , Mississauga , Newmarket & all across the GTA!
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